Shadows of the Broken Earth
Where do memories remain hidden?
Smeared in darkness
Revealed only by the light of your self searching.
Faded flickering figments merge into massive encasing collages.
Churning, boiling into and over, smashing through the coldly erected walls.
Sinking, swirling, maybe, floating?
Into an embrace, gentle, yet impossibly distant.
Quiet raspy humming morphing into shrill jerking screams.
Too close, too close.
Sorrow and agitation tearing, ripping through.
Overwhelming every sense at a mere almost glimpse.
Fragmenting the already damaged projections, haunting the wooded floors.
Incomplete, no longer corporeal
Striding effortlessly
Like a phantom through memory.
Forcing us to uncover our painfully buried truths
Hidden in the shadows of ourselves
Jammed between the cracking layers of the broken earth.
Samantha Pine-Bennett